Is Rose Water Good For Your Skin?

Is Rose Water Good For Your Skin? Rose-based toners are always popular, and rose water itself has been used as a skin care ingredient for centuries. From reducing excess oil to smoothing wrinkles, roses could potentially solve a whole array of problems. We delve into this rose trend, finding out the best way to use rose water on your face and whether there is truth behind the claims about this ingredient. Read on for our breakdown on rose water in skin care and let us know your thoughts on this ingredient in the comments below. What Is Rose Water? Starting with the basics, what exactly is rose water? Rose water is a liquid that captures some of the rose oil found in fresh petals. It is created by a combination of filtered water and petals via one of three methods. The first is to simply mix extracted rose oil with water. The second is to simmer rose petals in water, extracting the oil and color. The third is to distill, with steam rising through rose petals, then cooling into rose water. It has a vast, detailed history and has been used since ancient times. An important part of spiritual and cultural ceremonies, it was even used to heal critical ailments and treat illnesses. While in modern culture, rose water is not used for serious medicinal purposes, there is some scientific evidence that rose petals are mildly sedating and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, stemming both from traditional and modern research, many people turn to this ingredient for aromatherapy and digestion, making rose water a multi-tasking wonder. Rose Water Benefits For Skin So why should you use rose water on your skin? Here are six key reasons: Soothes red, dry skin Reduces excess oil Hydrates deeply Is rich in antioxidants Smooths wrinkles Is suitable for all skin types To help explain how the rose ingredient can work for you, we’ve laid out these benefits as they apply to different skin types. For Dry Or Sensitive Skin As noted above, this ingredient is beneficial for all skin types - even sensitive -  because its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties support an array of skin care goals. Rose water is a superstar at relieving any redness or itchiness that can come with dry skin. It is gentle, but its deeply soothing moisture can smooth even the driest skin, without weighing it down or causing further irritation. Additionally, rose essential oil contains antibacterial properties that could reduce mild infections developing in cracked, dry skin. For Combination Or Oily Skin In addition to helping dry skin, rose water is a great ingredient for combination or oily skin due to its hydrating and astringent properties. Believe it or not, combo and oily skin need a moisturizer just as much as dry skin in order to regulate oil production. Rose water is a great option because it is deeply hydrating - increasing water content as opposed to the level of oil in the skin - exactly what oily skin needs to keep sebum levels in check. As noted in StyleCraze, rose water toner has astringent properties that work to tone the skin, gently lift dirt and oil and maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. Additionally, because of the aforementioned antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, rose water can be a great way to reduce the look of pimples should you have the occasional breakout. For Normal Or Aging Skin All of these benefits are, of course, amazing for normal skin as well, and if you’re looking to smooth wrinkles and battle the visible signs of aging, rose products pack a powerful punch. Rose oil contains an array of vitamins including Vitamin A and C. This makes rose an amazing ingredient for tackling concerns such as age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin A stimulates skin cell turnover, increasing collagen production to leave skin looking smooth and youthful. Vitamin C also assists with collagen production, while being a fantastic option to brighten dark spots from the sun or aging. The hydration provided by rose water also benefits normal and aging skin as it keeps the skin looking refreshed and plump. How To Use Rose Skin Care Products Due to its amazing benefits and scent, rose oil and rose water can be found in a number of skin care products. To get you started, you can follow this simple guideline for an Eminence Organic Skin Care routine featuring our Sweet Red Rose products. Start with a milky cleanser such as the Eminence Organics Sweet Red Rose Cleanser. This cleanser is lightweight and leaves skin feeling perfectly cleansed and smooth, while shrinking pores. Follow with a few spritzes of rose water toner, such as our Sweet Red Rose Tonique. This classic tonique reduces the look of any skin discomfort, leaving the complexion feeling fresh and revitalized. Complete the routine with a rose water moisturizer like our Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer. Only a dime sized amount of this moisturizer is needed, and upon gently massaging into the skin, you will find a reduction in the visible signs of aging and the look of any irritation, resulting in skin that feels firm and soft. An added bonus? Five dollars from every purchase of the Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Did you learn anything new about rose water? How do you like to use this skin care savior? Let us know in the comments below - and don’t forget to join the conversation on social media. Schedule Your Consultation For more information on the above treatment and our new beauty products for your Face and Body contact us at Tel: 347-799-1221 Book an appointment online Now
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