COVID-19 REOPENING PLAN WIlliamsburg Beauty Spa During the past few months of uncertainty, We have been looking forward to the day when we can welcome you the client back to Williamsburg Beauty Spa. We are excited to announce We will be reopening on July 6 at 12 pm and operating in accordance with the regulations and guidelines put forth by Governor Cuomo. We have worked diligently during the closure to update the already vigorous sanitation and hygiene standards and implement new policies and procedures to promote the health and safety of each guest. Our top priority has always been to provide a professional and safe experience for each client and my resolve is stronger than ever before.We have been hard at work to raise the bar of hygiene and sanitation as well as considering every step of the treatment process to ensure We meet each clients needs in a focused and safe manner that is in accordance with government guidelines. Additional details are attached and will also be found on Williamsburg Beauty Spa Website under sanitation. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT BY SIGNING OUR INTAKE FORM ✔️The hours of operation my change!!! ✔️Temporarily Spa will be close on Sunday operation. ✔️Intake form has to be sign electronically before every appointment. ✔️No waiting area ✔️Credit card required for all appointments ✔️Canceling no show on appointment hour will be charge 100% ✔️We started booking on June 29 ✔️By the appointment only ✔️Nails services are limited To schedule a service, please email us directly at or call us at 347-7991221 WIlliamsburg Beauty Spa is looking forward to resuming operations and bringing health and relaxation to all clients once again. Sincerely, Williamsburg Beauty Spa
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